Our Tumbling Classes incorporate a combination of Tumbling Skills and related strengthening exercises to encourage the development of correct technique. These classes incorporate a combination of Running and Standing Tumbling skills!


We currently have two classes available:

 - Beginner Tumble: 

 This class is suited to anyone who is new to Tumbling. Equivalent to Cheer Levels 1 & 2.

 - Intermediate Tumble: 

 This class is suited to anyone who has mastered the basics of Tumbling and is looking to further develop their skills. Equivalent to Cheer Levels 3+


 These classes are suited to all, from cheerleaders to dancers and anyone in between who wants to begin tumbling!


 This class runs for 11 weeks each term, with 1 class per week. Please refer to our 2017 Timetable for class times. 

 For further information on these classes, please Contact Us.